Miscellaneous Benefits

Often the little things behind large successes go unnoticed.

When you select The Joseph E. Shaner Company you also reap miscellaneous intangible benefits:

  • Continuity -- Board and leadership changes while a permanent office staff provides a constant source of information and references.
  • Leadership and counsel -- Experienced staff provides objectivity and professionalism, expertise and effectiveness in association management.
  • Upgrading of resources -- By sharing staff, equipment and procedures with similar groups, more effective administration is possible at a cost savings. For example, membership records are maintained on sophisticated equipment which a single small association probably could not afford. Also, since staff works with other groups, often they can recognize similar problems which may occur and suggest possible strategies which have work with other groups.
  • Flexible manpower -- If a project or need arises suddenly, staff can usually respond with one or more persons to meet this need. Volunteers, whose main concern is their own business, are not normally as flexible.
  • Association Headquarters -- A complete headquarters facility with meeting room, association records, supplies, storage, staff, etc., available as needed.