Public Relations/Communications Services

Strategic public relations and communications programs can make your organization's issues and profession stand out among those of its peers. We can fill your communications needs whether your purpose is to build internal consensus or influence external audiences. We provide the following communications and public relations services:

  • Routine correspondence, i.e., contribution requests, information requests, membership inquiries.
  • Write, edit, publish and distribute annual report to members.
  • Write, edit, publish and distribute newsletters or magazines.
  • General public relations counseling.
  • Media relations including anticipating and attempting to minimize potential problems.
  • Prepare and distribute news releases to press and trade journals.
  • Maintain clippings file.
  • Government and community relations.
  • Coordinate promotional efforts.
  • Design advertising campaigns and place ads.
  • Negotiate advertising trades to maximize effectiveness of budget.
  • Photography.
  • Design advertising campaigns and place ads.
  • Preparation of fliers, bulletins, brochures, etc., including design, artwork, layout, writing, editing and publishing.